People of Dallas take their last photos of the Robert E. Lee statue

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DALLAS – If you weren`t from around the area, you`d think the Robert E. Lee statue was a hot spot for snapping photos.

In reality, it’s been in the headlines the past several days, all the while jumping through a few hurdles.

The timeline goes like this…

Wednesday, the city voted to take down the statue because some see it as racist. Then, the Sons of Confederate Veterans said, ‘hold up, that’s breaking the First Amendment,’ and filed a restraining order. But Thursday, a judge threw that out.

“It`s kind of amazing and I kind of feel both sides of the story,” says local Bonnie Harris, “so I just wanted to come and kind of experience it myself before it might be gone.”

That seemed to be a common theme on Friday.

“I just kind of came down to check out the activity around the statue, and see what was going on,” says Doug Gray.

“I wanted to come see it just in case soon it won`t be here anymore and see how big and statuesque it was in real life,” says Harris.

“I just think that people honestly don`t think it`s really going to disappear and at this point I think it`s really nailed in stone, that it is going to disappear,” says Amy Van Amburgh.

One thing not set in stone? The timeline moving forward since the statue is… quite literally… set in stone.

“It really is dependent on the very large piece of equipment that is required […] and remember all of these pieces of equipment are helping out people in Houston right now,” says Fine Arts Conservator, Michael Van Enter. “We have too much downward pressure to remove the end stones to be able to loosen the armature so we`re going to reschedule it until we can do it perfectly safe […] They`re going to preserve it and it will be repurposed.”

So for now, General Lee keeps his watch over the park.

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