People have a better chance of getting into to Harvard than opening Chick-Fil-A franchsise

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ATLANTA, GA -- We've all heard the phrase "nothing worth having comes easy, " but one can argue, fast food giant Chick-Fil-A has given the phrase a whole new meaning.

According to "The Washington Post," Chick-Fil-A' gets roughly 40, 000 inquires every year from people who want to open a franchise, with only about 100 of them actually opening a franchise location,  making the odds about 1 in 400.

Now this might not sound like that much of a challenge, until you compare the numbers to other challenging things to accomplish.

Take, for example, the Navy SEALs, where t 1 in 4 of about 40, 000 applicants actually qualify and complete the training. And you're more likely to get into Harvard, with 1 in 21 applicants getting accepted, than owning a Chick-Fil-A. Finally, you're more likely to hear the words "come on down!" where 1 in 36 people are picked to participate on the T-V game show "The Price Is Right."

So yes, this means you have a better chance of being able to hide in plain sight as a Navy SEAL, attend an Ivy League college, or win an all expense paid vacation somewhere than ever run your own Chick-Fil-A.

So why is it that hard to begin with to become a franchise owner?? Perhaps it's the rigorous tasks applicants must go through, which includes filling out the "expression of interest" application, completing a formal written application, sitting through recorded, live-video, and in-person interviews, and all of that is just to be considered.

If you make it past all this to become an operator, you're not allowed to operate any outside businesses, and you still have to pay about $10, 000 to have the right to control the franchise.

And you thought all you had to do was put on a friendly smile and learn to say "my pleasure."

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