Party Over: Johnny Manziel Indicted by Grand Jury

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DALLAS - It's now official; a grand jury has indicted Johnny Manziel.

The former quarterback was indicted on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, accused of causing bodily injury to ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley during a now infamous fight back in January.

Local attorney David Finn, a former family violence judge, says Manziel may still have a way out under one condition, “My guess, and it's an informed guess, is they'll offer a conditional dismissal, 'Hey Mr. Manziel you go to alcohol rehab, we do random drug testing and you do the batterer's intervention counseling or anger management or both, we'll agree to dismiss this'.”

If Manziel decides against getting professional, help Finn thinks the gloves will come off, “If you don't want to help yourself, we're not going to help you and we'll see what six jurors in Dallas County think about the case.”

But Manziel's lawyer, Bob Hinton, says he and his client plan on fighting the charge, "We intend to plead Not Guilty. It's a very, very defensible case when the Fort Worth Police Department says 'Nope', the Dallas Police Department says 'Nope' and then, for some reason, Miss Crowley goes to the Dallas Police Department and asks them to look into it, they did look into it and did not make an arrest. Now that speaks volumes."

In fact, Hinton believes Manziel's celebrity is the main reason Dallas D.A. Susan Hawk is involved. "If his name were Johnny Smith, I don't believe the District Attorney's office would've accepted the case," Hinton said.

In the end, Finn says this case will come down to one word, "The big kicker in this is going to be this rehab."

We'll see if the former QB continues to pass on that option now that's he's on a different playing field. Manziel is expected to turn himself in sometime this week.

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