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LOS ANGELES — Things appear to be getting worse for former pro football player turned professional partier Johnny Manziel.

Having already been dropped by LeBron James’ marketing team and then his football team, now Manziel’s agent appears to have finally had enough as well.

The threat comes from super-agent Drew Rosenhaus who says Manziel has 5 days to get his life back together or he’s dropping him. Rosenhaus has never fired a player during his 27 years as an NFL agent.

The ultimatum  was triggered after Johnny allegedly caused extensive damage to a house he rented in Los Angeles earlier this month. An attorney representing the company who rented the house to Manziel is demanding more than $31,000.

According to the attorney, Manziel told his client the house was for his own personal use. A personal party perhaps?

Things got so loud the weekend Manziel was at the house, comedian Kathy Griffin, who lives next door, called the cops!

There’s published pictures showing white stuff on a table and the type of mushrooms you may not want to put on pizza. Draw your own conclusions.

With this latest screw up, Manziel’s career looks like it’s close to being over.