Partially-blind man allegedly kills 5-month-old son with walking stick

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BALTIMORE, MD – A Baltimore father has been charged with murdering his 5-month-old son.

Perry Nelson-Johnson, 31, turned himself in Tuesday morning after police announced charges in his son, Emmanuel Johnson’s, death. Police say Nelson-Johnson’s version of events that led to the the child’s death don’t add up.

The death turned murder investigation began when authorities found the baby’s injuries more serious than the story Nelson-Johnson told police. A history of abuse was found on the infant.

Police say Nelson-Johnson repeatedly beat Emmanuel in the head with a blunt object that caused major trauma. They believe that Nelson-Johnson, who is partially-blind, possibly used his walking stick to harm the child.

Nelson-Johnson and the infant’s mother called police and told them that he had fallen off of a bed and injured his head, but the autopsy revealed the child as been recovering from a number of older wounds all over his body.

The child’s mother hasn’t been charged, but police say that could change.

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