Parsons Project: Mavericks Popular YouTube Videos

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Yeah, we’ve all gotten used to “I’m Jim Adler, The Texas Hammer”  being part of our daytime TV, but the Dallas Mavs might`ve put a new spin on over the top advertising.

Seems like the boys in blue are getting more slam dunks on the web than on the court these days. Makes you wonder what the heck these guys are doing during the off season?

Yeah, check out Dirk and Monta Ellis “rapping” to Run DMC.

Sounds like it took Dirk weeks to get on beat, let alone– learn how to freestyle?

And did anyone ever cop this “Mavs Mixtape”?

Ha! We must admit, no other team in the league knows how to mix fun and b-ball.

But since Miami did come out on top against the Mavs Sunday night, Rick Carlisle is not too pleased.

“Uhhh,  we sucked last night,” said Carlisle. “Miami played a great game and we were subpar.”

Ahhh, keep your head up coach, these guys have plenty more games to prove their worth!

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