Parents Wonder If Fuzzy Wonderz Are For Real

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ARLINGTON – Hatchimals are this years Cabbage Patch, must-have toys. If you’re thinking Hatchimals in time for Christmas, good luck.

Walmart`s website has them for up to $299.99. But an ad on their page is pushing Fuzzy Wonderz for $60. Heather McCandless’s mom ordered one online before Thanksgiving, but as of now, she’s received nothing. “Couldn`t find any reviews. then I started doing some research and, uh oh, I think it`s a scam,” said McCandless.

There’s even a Facebook page with tons of stories of people paying up who’ve had no sign of their Fuzzy Wonderz.

Newsfix contacted Fuzzy Wonderz customer service department and talked to Tony. He says they’re legit. “We’re basically getting more orders than we`re having come (out). Essentially, if we have ten orders come in we’re able to push out three,” he said.

Tony says Fuzzy Wonderz started in October and they got ten times more orders than they were expecting. But they promise customers will get their Fuzzy Wonderz under the tree. “Yeah, 100% they’ll get them before Christmas. There`s been delay in terms of getting them out the door. But most definitely everybody will be caught up by next week,” said Tony.

But Heather isn’t buying it. “I don`t believe it. Now they’re claiming, I think, tomorrow they`re going to ship some. Then tomorrow I bet they’re going to tell you, `oh it got delayed,'”  McCandless said.

Hopefully, Fuzzy Wonderz comes through for a warm fuzzy feeling on Christmas.

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