Parents sue 30-year-old son for refusing to move out

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SYRACUSE, NY -- A New York couple has taken the idea of spring cleaning to a whole other level.

Starting with trying to get their son to move out.

He's 30, and the parents have taken the issue to court by suing him. They claim he doesn't do any chores or help out with household expenses.

"I feel bad for both of them because he's not learning anything by staying at home and he's just wasting their time and money," resident, Christopher Adams, said.

Michael Rotondo claims he they didn't give him enough notice, but his parents say he's been given five notices within the past few months and he still won't budge.

The Rotondos say they have even offered to help give him a financial boost, but it seems their son is stuck like glue and has no plans to change that.

"Give his mother and father space. It's time. He's 30. And not paying rent. You need to be independent," resident, Lashae Wright, said.

Other neighbors say it's sad to see a family have such a hard time, But every parent has a breaking point.

Later this month the family is set to appear in court so maybe a judge can help resolve this family feud. Until then, this son better start making his bed and handing out some cash before he's out on the street!

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