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ROANOKE, TX – Imagine reading a book about a deadly attack on your 14-year-old son.

“I’ve hated him for a while, a long while. I’m so eager to kill him,” parent Jennifer Taylor read from the Killing Children book. “I pull the pair of scissors from his jaw and blood starts gushing as he jaw begins to sag to the side.”

The words are pretty chilling. Page after page, how a student at Tidwell Middle School in Roanoke was planning to kill his classmates.

This online blog has scared Jennifer Taylor and plenty of parents who are taking their kids out of the school.

“If they don’t do something fairly quickly, he will not be in the district anymore. We will pull him out completely,” Taylor said.

Northwest ISD officials say they can’t legally take action until the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office completes its investigation.

“I don’t think he needs to be expelled. I do think that he needs to possibly be in an alternative education program where there’s people better equipped to help him,” Taylor said.

Last week, a junior at DISD’s Molina High School was arrested and kicked out after he threatened to “shoot up” the school on Instagram.

“So many of these stories coming up in the news lately. Every other school district seems to be handling this a lot more appropriately from the beginning,” said Taylor.

Is this a case of fiction, fantasy or reality?

On the final page of the online blog that has caused such a commotion at Tidwell Middle School, the student writes, “If anyone is wondering if/when this story ends, it will end with a bang. I promise.”