Package Pirates: Thieves Used App to Track Packages

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TARZANA, CA - As the technology to deliver your precious packages gets more and more sophisticated, so do the methods used to steal those packages. For proof, look no further than California where an elaborate package-stealing scheme was uncovered Wednesday.

It was all because of an even more sophisticated resident by the name of Rick Deckman, who said, “He picked the wrong house. I have control of 20 high definition 4K cameras.” So he was more than prepared when a U-Haul truck pulled up to his house to take his recently delivered packages.

Deckman sent the video of the theft to senior lead officer Daryl Scoggins, who was able to get a crystal clear picture of the U-Haul license plate. “So I go to U-Haul, they told me that the rental agreement was only supposed to be for four hours, which was over a month ago,” Scoggins said.

Guess it`s easy to lose track of time when you`re on a stealing spree.

Unbelievably, Scoggins was able to track down the thieves by the address they gave the U-Haul office. Cops got a search warrant for the address and found hundreds of stolen packages and mail from all over the neighboring area, including Deckman`s package, which was a ruler and some baking soda.

The thieves' method? Using an app on their smartphones to track the packages.

Oh, but if only smartphones stopped you from doing dumb things. The porch pirate duo was arrested as Deckman and his cameras had the last laugh.

Officer Scoggins and his team were definitely thankful for the extra help, “Saved a lot of headache, saved a lot of people a lot of problems.”

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