Over 500 Memphis Cops Call in ‘Sick’ After Healthcare Cut

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It looks as if this time “the law” is on the other side of the picket fence.

The Blue Flu is in full force!

And when we say full force, we’re talking over 500 Memphis officers!

This flu may be blue but the cause? Green.

These uniformed strikers started calling in sick after major cuts were made to their healthcare coverage.

The Memphis Police Association believes the changes violate their existing contracts — spiking their health care costs by a whopping 27 percent.

So who’s out their fighting crime in the streets of Memphis?

Memphis PD has also brought in other surrounding police agencies to handle all the calls for now?

“Literally it’s changing every shift, and you know we have four shifts, but as people call back in, as they report back to work, these numbers will decrease” Chief Toney Armstrong said.

Meanwhile, Memphis PD has brought in cops from surrounding agencies to handle all of the calls for now.

But it may not be so easy if these “sick” officers do decide to clock back in.

“Our policy does allow us to require for a doctor’s note upon your return to work. But it does not allow me to call someone and demand that they come back to work. We do require medical documentation from a doctor,” Chief Toney Armstrong said.

There’s no telling when these cops will be writing their next tickets, or in this case, doctors notes.

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