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DALLAS – Hey, you want to make a fashion statement with what you wear, right? What you wear says a lot about who you are. That’s why a shirt that that says, “Hang Loose” with a picture of a noose is causing major outrage.

Folks on Twitter are reacting in disgust to the manufacturer, Tavik, and the seller — T.J. Maxx.

Not only is this shirt in bad taste, the timing couldn’t be worse. The country is still reeling from the OU frat fallout where members of its SAE chapter were caught on camera singing a chant about hanging people from a tree.

After the backlash, Tavik’s PR Manager said they’re pulling the shirt from retailers ASAP.

And T.J. Maxx is moving into the 21st century and yanking the shirt from all its stores too.

This isn’t the first t-shirt controversy to sweep the nation. Urban Outfitters is in the Hall of Shame for selling shirts emblazoned with the Star of David patch Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany.

UO also advertised another shirt was available in “Obama black.”

In fact, the web is full of sites that seem to specialize in selling the most offensive t-shirts possible. But based on the disgust out there on social media about the “Hang Loose Noose,” it looks like this trend of offensive chic is worn out.