Arrests Made in India Repeated Gang Rape Case

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(May 31, 2016) Indian police arrest activists from the Social Unity Centre of India (SUCI) organisation as they block a road during a protest against a gang rape in Kolkata. (Getty)

UPDATE 10:37 a.m. July 19
Three of the five men accused of gang rape in India’s Haryana state last week have been arrested and are scheduled to be in court Wednesday, police said. The case has made international headlines because the alleged victim claimed that two of her attackers previously gang raped her in 2013. It was not clear if those two alleged perpetrators were among the three arrested. Police say they are working to find the other two suspects, along with the car used to abduct the victim.

ROHTAK, India — A master’s student at India’s MD University in Rohtak was found in the bushes last week, her clothes torn and the victim of an apparent abduction and rape, cops say—and her attackers look to be the same five men who gang-raped her three years ago, the Times of India reports.

Two of the accused had been arrested after the last rape in Bhiwani, but were eventually let out on bail, while the other three were never arrested at all.

Her family says she was attacked again because they kept pursuing the case, seeking to have all five put behind bars despite offers to settle the case out of court for a relatively large sum of money.

“We were getting constant threats from the accused to reach a compromise outside the court, but we remained firm,” the brother of the woman, said to be either 20 or 21 years old, tells the Hindustan Times.

The young woman is a Dalit, considered the lowest, “untouchable” caste, while at least three of the accused are said to be from an upper caste.

The victim was hospitalized and treated; the five men have yet to be arrested. (An elderly nun was gang-raped in India last year.)

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