Out From the Rubble: Arlington Baptist Struggling After Storms

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ARLINGTON, TX - “There was a moment in the storm where I thought both my dad and my younger brother were going to die. It was pretty scary.”

When last week's storm slammed into Arlington Baptist College, Abigail Marvin’s entire family was inside the women’s dorm.

“They were walking down the stairs out there and the second that they crossed the glass just shattered,” she says. “If it would have been a second later they would have been completely impaled.”

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The roof of the dorm was completely torn off, crushing the cars on the other side. Luckily, there was only one minor injury.

The college has set up a GoFundMe page to the 16 students who not only lost their “home away from home” but most of their possessions.

“It’s going to be used to help girls replace items that were not covered by insurance,” says D.L. Moody president of Arlington Baptist College. “Things like text books, bibles, laptop computers.”

The dorm building was nearly totaled, but Abigail and her volleyball teammates are back on the court.

“We haven’t really suffered from all of the craziness that happened,” says head coach Kristy McDaniel. “They actually came together even more, as a team as a family.”

“We were talking the other day in the locker room about how the jersey`s that we wear mean a lot more now,” says Marvin.

Sometimes the best therapy is just getting back on the court.

Classes are scheduled to start Monday and the displaced female students will be moved into the men’s dorm. Looks like it took an act of god to bring coed dorms to Arlington Baptist.

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