Oprah Weighs In: Investment Sends Weight Watchers Stock Way Up

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NEW YORK — It seems like everything Oprah Winfrey touches turns to gold. Yeah, TV host/philanthropist is worth at least $3 billion. But is she worth her weight in gold? Well, Weight Watchers International thinks so.

Oprah just signed on to help turn things around and get their stock back in shape.

After buying a 10% share, Oprah sent the Weight Watchers stock soaring Monday morning. At last check, the numbers jumped a whopping 75% and counting.

Oprah’s investment of $43 million bucks may be chump change for her, but for Weight Watchers, this puts them back in the game! The company’s been struggling with its financial weight since 2014.

Yeah, the main thing they were losing were profits which had plummeted nearly 50%.

But is Oprah the role model you turn to when it comes to shedding pounds? Over the years, her weight has fluctuated up and down and up again. Remember when she dragged over 60-pounds of fat out on stage?

So, while Weight Watchers investors are counting coins, Oprah is not just all about counting calories. She’s planning to change the program from a weight loss focus to one of overall health and happiness!

Guess we’ll have to watch what happens!

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