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DALLAS — Makeovers, new hairdos, mani/pedis, it’s like an all-out spa day!

“It feels good,” Valenia smiled as she was having a pedicure.

“The makeup crew is awesome; you got some bad makeup artists out here,” Mercy smiled.

Take a closer look.  Nearly all these women are transitioning out of prostitution.

Many women shared songs and testimonies.

Victory Outreach churches from all over the world held Operation Code Red Friday, and this is the first time it’s come to DFW.

“My husband, Pastor Jesse, we come from that lifestyle, he was a gang member, so we understand and we know the pain,” Valerie Perez with Victory Outreach Church of Dallas said.   “They’re mothers, they’re sisters, they’re daughters, so we know that there’s hope!”

Daughters like Kasaundra Harris.

“When I came to south Dallas, I started doing drugs really heavily.  Crack cocaine; I started selling my body, I was prostituting right up and down 2nd ave., all over South Dallas.  I don’t know where I would be without God,” Harris said.  “I’m here today because of God’s grace and mercy.”

Kimberly Thompson recalled the moment she decided to leave prostitution.  “I was getting ready to go do whatever it is I do, and he said, can I pray for you again.  And once he prayed for me again, it was something that God touched my heart.  I submitted to Christ. We’re right next to where we used to hangout.  For me to come in everyday and look at that street, and say ‘no.’ ‘I’m going to church and I’m not even going to live like that, I don’t even want to see that part of life anymore. I’m getting stronger, I’m not there yet, but I’m learning.”

For one volunteer, it was a surprise reunion with a sister who had been living on the streets.

“It just happened to be that I bumped into my little sister that I hadn’t seen in years,” Esmi Castro said, holding her sister, Ann.  “[I was] broken that I hadn’t seen her in a’s a God thing, you know it’s a blessing to see her.”