NEW YORK, NY — A YouTube search tells you that comedian Aziz Ansari has “the secret to finding love online”, that he “wants to help you find a mate”, what his marriage advice is, and “why girls date jerks”.

“‘What’s the worst that could happen?'” he asks, mimicking a naive young lady in his comedy special, Dangerously Delicious. “What’s the worst that could happen? He could put something in your drink and rape you. That’s the worst that could happen!”

Ansari, by his definition, isn’t the worst that could happen to women, but one woman claims her date with the comedian wasn’t far off.

A new story from features a woman claiming she went on a date with Ansari, the writer of his own dating book, Modern Romance. The woman, known as Grace in the article, spells out the bad date details, saying he couldn’t wait to finish dinner and get home. Once there, he almost immediately tried to have sex with her.

Grace alleges she tried to brush him off multiple times before finally telling him she didn’t want to feel forced to do anything because then she’d have to hate him.

When he said, ‘Oh, of course, it’s only fun if we’re both having fun,’ she thought it was over. Then they sat on the couch to ‘chill’, and she claims he almost immediately motioned for her to give him oral sex.

The uncomfortable scene allegedly played out multiple times before she finally left, and she struggled to decide if it was just an awkward experience or truly a sexual assault. When she him in a ‘Time’s Up’ pin, showing support for assault victims at the Golden Globes, she decided she really was a victim.

These days it’s tough to figure if it’s the sexual assault victims shouting #MeToo or the growing list of famous folks responsible for the disgusting behavior.

Taken star Liam Neeson has his opinion on the matter.

“There is a bit of a witch hunt happening,” Neeson said to host Ryan Tubridy on Ireland’s The Late Late Show.

That’s one way to put it.

He went on to defend the honor of radio host Garrison Keillor and actor Dustin Hoffman, but did stop short of propping up Harvey Weinstein.

As for Aziz, the good-time feeling of his Golden Globe win could be short-lived thanks to this alleged not so good time. He has yet to comment on the story.