Online Courses Have Universities Off Course

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Would you buy a Mercedes—only to find out it had an engine of a Prius?

How would you feel if your steak at Ruth’s Chris was really a frozen dinner?

You’d feel like the experience wasn’t exactly what you were paying for —it wasn’t as good as it could be.

I kind of feel that way as I hear about going to college today.

The experience isn’t what it used to be and I blame it on these:

That’s a Social Psychology class you don’t have to be social in. They call these MOOC’s –massive open online courses.  You get the credit without having to show your professor how credible you are.

They’ve blown-up over the past few years.  It’s kind of like the new normal at most major universities.  3,000 people recently got accepted to the University of Florida for the fall, but they likely fell out of their seat when the realized it was  “online” classes only.

I could go on and on how those kids in Florida probably  won’t have the same college experience as the face painter at the football game, but it doesn’t the rise of online classes have you thinking ?

MOOC’s  could mean millions of dollars for a school near you. Extra students creating extra revenue for not much of an investment.   It’s like we’re all going to Netflix University: content for the masses, just sign-up.

Here’s the thing, if schools are making so much money from online courses, why are we paying so much more to go to college. It’s never been higher!

Costs are rising faster than inflation.

A lot of money to watch a laptop?  Not interested.

It feels like MOOC’s  just turn big schools into MOOChers.

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