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GARLAND, Texas —  A terror attack in Texas? When you heard about the Muhammad cartoon contest event, did you kinda have a feeling something like this could happen? Well, there’s a lot to take in since Sunday night’s incident in Garland.

One cop sure did his job well!

“He did what he was trained to do,” Garland Police spokesperson Joe Harn said. “(He) probably saved lives.”

From the beginning, Garland cops knew the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest” could be trouble. That’s why organizers paid $10,000 to have 40 cops on hand. People had to go through metal detectors just to get through the door.

When they got in, they heard organizer Pamela Geller talk about attacks on free speech.

“They say I’m anti-Muslim,” Geller said in the speech, which was posted on YouTube. “Really? Are you telling me that all Muslims support Jihad?”

And they saw cartoons of the prophet Muhammad — drawings that are considered blasphemous to Muslims.

By late Sunday afternoon, the conference was almost over and it looked like everyone could stand down. Good thing they didn’t.

“At about 10 minutes ’til 7, a dark colored vehicle pulled up to the west entrance parking lot,” Harn said.

Cops say two men — identified as roommates Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi — jumped out of the vehicle carrying assault rifles and started shooting at a police car.  They hit a Garland school district security officer. A Garland cop shot back and killed both men.

“We saw more cops kind of standing behind car doors with their weapons drawn as well as, I saw somebody on the ground,” Stephanie Conway said. She was leaving the event when the shots were fired.

For hours Sunday night and well into the day Monday, cops poured over the suspect’s bodies and their vehicle. No bombs.

Garland ISD security guard Bruce Joiner was hit in the ankle. He’s gonna be okay,

He’s a lot better off than two guys who came from Phoenix, apparently expecting to win a gunfight in Texas.