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DALLAS- What if we told you you could support a Dallas business and save the planet? Well, you’re in luck!

“We’re mineral based,” said TropicSport COO Nancy Loewe. “Good for you, good for the environment.”

Tony and Lisa Palmer spend a lot of time hitting the waves, and wanted a safe way to protect themselves from the sun without destroying ocean wildlife.

So why do they think TropicSport is better than the other stuff that you’re seeing on the shelves?

“About 70 percent of sunscreens are chemical based,” Loewe said. “There’s been research and studies shown that octabenzone and octinoxate actually go into the ocean and they kill the algae that the coral reefs live on. So if that’s what’s killing the reef, and if it’s killing the reefs, what’s it doing to us?”

Apparently officials in Hawaii have been asking the same question. They just signed a law banning chemical sunscreens. TropicSport is expecting other states for follow suit soon.

“We care for you and the planet,” Loewe said. “If you care what you put on your skin, just as much as you turn over labels on food, you should turn over labels on sunscreen and check out what you’re putting on your skin.”

Let’s be real, whether you surf or not, if you’re living in Texas, you’re gonna need some kind of sunscreen out here!