One Confirmed Case of Measles in Tarrant County

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TARRANT COUNTY-Among all the viruses out there that are hard to pronounce, like Chickungunga, it’s the measles that has health officials in North Texas on alert!

The Tarrant County Public Health Department has confirmed one adult has contracted the highly contagious virus after attending a softball tournament in Wichita, Kansas during the July 4th weekend.

“The people who went to the Kansas event, their incubation period ends this coming Sunday. So the rest of the folks we’re checking back with them to make sure they don’t get sick and if that continues through Sunday, we’re good,” said Russ Jones, Head Epidemiologist at the Tarrant County Public Health office.

That incubation period means folks could get sick up to 21 days after exposure!

If high fever, a head-to-toe rash and a cough are plaguing you, it may be time to see your doc.

“Our best defense against measles is make sure you’re up to date on your shots,” said Jones.

So, how contagious are the measles?

Doctors say there’s a 90 percent chance you’d get infected by just coming in close range with someone who’s infected.

“Measles can be spread by coughing or sneezing,” said Zachary Thompson, Director of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services.

That’s got folks at the Dallas County Health Department conducting their own investigations to make sure Dallas County residents are in the clear.

“What we found out in Dallas County is that there might be a connection to that one confirmed case they may have relatives or work here in Dallas County. We’re doing contact investigation on this one confirmed measles case,” said Thompson.

Hey, want a shot at immunity? You’re gonna have to roll up your sleeve!

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