Once Conjoined Twins Head Home

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It was a day filled with smiles for the Ezell family; Emmett and Owen were finally headed home for the first time on Thursday.

The twins were born conjoined — connected from the breast bone to the belly button. The twins survived a nine hour surgery, and spent months of recovery at Our Children’s House at Baylor.

“It’s been draining, it’s been tough and it’s been worth every single moment,” father Dave Ezell said.

The road home has been a long journey. The boys’ mom and dad have had to learn how to provide the special care their sons still need. Hey, they don’t make a manual for that.

“The biggest thing that has helped us through this journey is our faith and our love for one another and all of the support we’ve gotten from the nurses and therapists and the doctors,” mother Jenni Ezell said.

On Thursday night, the twins slept in separate cribs. In a few years, they might not remember being connected at the chest, but they’ll always know they beat the odds early on.

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