On the Record: Dallas Police Order 1,000 New Bodycams

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DALLAS- Looks like more Dallas police officers will soon holster up and press play.

According to CNN Money, DPD just placed a large order of wearable body cams with Taser, a company known for its stun guns.

We’re talking 1,000 cameras over the next three years — 400 of those cameras will ship this quarter!

The decision to make the cam part of the uniform comes just after the June 13th DPD headquarters shootout that, luckily, didn’t injure any officers.

Footage captured will ultimately help everyone involved, keeping both officers and suspects honest.

Taser says this is the third largest order they’ve ever seen, launching shares of Taser up more than 2% on Thursday.

But buying bodycams in bulk is no blunder; after outcries of police brutality in Baltimore, Ferguson, New York and even McKinney, DPD should be transparent as possible.

There’s no doubt cops put themselves on the line for us every day, but maybe being armed with a camera will end the question of good cop or bad cop.

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