OMG, FRFR: University Creates Walking & Texting Lanes

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OREM, UT — We seem to have a lane for everyone: fast drivers, slow drivers, drivers with passengers and even lanes for those on bicycles. Now there’s another exception being made, for texters. Not on the road of course but on streets where people walk.

The idea of text walking lanes is actually put to use in the Belgian city of Antwerp, as well as China where they’ve also found it necessary to divide the walking space.

But text walking lanes or E-lanes aren’t just on foreign soil. Utah Valley University has decided to take the lanes off the streets and put them in school.

Utah Valley University Creative Director Matt Bambrough explains, “Our demographic, 19-24 millennials. They got a cell phone in their hand, they’re texting, they’re doing different things on their mobile devices. So it added, I think, an element of relevance to them.”

Hey, maybe this trend is for the best. Texting and walking can be a dangerous combination. An E-lane may just be headed to a neighborhood near you.

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