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Homegrown Olympic hero, Jordan Malone, hit the ice where it all began at a Denton County summer camp.
“It`s a great opportunity to give back to a camp system that I was able receive from so long ago,” Malone said.

The two-time Olympic speed skating medalist was the guest of honor at the camp.

The campers heard about Malone`s life experiences, held genuine Olympic medals, and even skated with the Olympic hero.

Malone, fresh from his Sochi Silver medal win in the 5,000-meter team relay, slowed his speed for the kids at the camp.

“Everybody`s favorite stories are my injuries,” Malone explained. “I’ve had 16-broken bones, nine major surgeries, and I still have 18-screws and four titanium plates in my body.”

One of those injuries caused Malone a shot at making the 2006 Olympics. Yet, he rallied back with trips to Vancouver and Sochi.

“My message is a true underdog story; triumph over adversity. It`s success despite circumstance.”

That success has given Malone the chance to be a world ambassador and a local role model.

“There`s no money involved, but there is a lot of kickback,” Malone said of his new opportunity.

“Giving back, inspiring the next generation, hoping that this Denton Olympian thing doesn`t stop with me.”

That’s a goal worthy of a gold medal.