Off Duty Arlington Police Officer Accused in Duncanville Shooting

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Off Duty Police Officer Accused in Restaurant Shooting

DUNCANVILLE — The folks in these photos were out celebrating a birthday Saturday night. Friends and family of the birthday boy started the night off joking and having a good time but according to Jindia Blount, things took a turn for the worse.
“Never in a million years would I have thought that what started off as dancing and corny jokes would escalated to not even a fist fight let alone someone being killed,” said Blount.
That someone was her brother, 45-year-old Juan May. He was shot in a Pappadeaux’s parking lot in Duncanville and D.O.A. at Methodist Charlton Medical Center.
But it’s the guy who allegedly pulled the trigger that may surprise you. That’s because he’s a sergeant with the Arlington P.D.
“When the paramedics got here, his wife yelled he’s a cop, he’s a cop. That’s when I realized that he was a cop because I knew my brother wasn’t a cop,” said Blount.
That’s right: According to Blount, the police sergeant who was reportedly off-duty was involved in a scuffle with her brother, next to the party bus — that’s when she says the cop made a run for his car. Her brother, she says, tried to stop him.
“He tried to stop the guy from getting to the door to get the gun but the guy was able to open the Mercedes and reach down and get his gun and he turned and shot my brother in his chest,” said Blount.
No word yet if the Arlington cop will face any charges, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.
“I just wish that he would have had the presence of mind to think of the permanent outcome,” said Blount.

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