Oakland A`s rally around fan who lost memorabilia in fire

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SANTA ROSA, CA – With dozens having lost their lives in the Nor-Cal wildfires, it’s understandably hard to dwell on the material things.

For those who escaped with their life, the reality is sometimes that’s all they’ve escaped with. Now they’re faced with starting over.

Luckily for one little Oakland A’s fan, getting over losing his baseball memorabilia is going to be easier than pitching a no-hitter!

Loren Smith and his dad took a walk down memory lane soon after their Santa Rosa home burned down. They noticed everything was totally destroyed including something close to he and his dad’s hearts.

“My saddest things were my baseball collection cards, my 17 jerseys and my 10 hats,” Loren explained.

Well, things are about to change for the 9-year-old slugger! After Loren wrote a letter about the gear he’d lost in the fire to the Oakland A’s,  they promised to meet up with a special surprise. The A’s are rallying to rebuild Loren’s collection!

The Oakland A’s might not be the best in the league this season, but turning a true fan’s tragedy into triumph is definitely A team material!

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