Oak Lawn car shooting surveillance video released

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DALLAS – The Oak Lawn Mercedes mystery shooting just received another clue from surveillance video. Last week, Joshua Tubbleville, 33, was shot to death; crashing into a Shell gas station at the intersection of Oak Lawn and Lemmon Avenue.

The surveillance video shows the suspected shooter getting out of the passenger side of the Mercedes that Tubbleville was driving, and running away. Shell casings were reportedly found inside of the car.

Although the suspect got out of sight quickly, police were still able to give a description of him.

“We have this passenger suspect described as a black male in his early 20’s; he’s thin,” said a Dallas Policeman. “He was wearing tan pants and yellow shirt with a red stripe; and a leopard print baseball cap.”

Police still have no motive on why Tubbleville, an insurance salesman, was targeted.

Hopefully, the video released will get Dallas PD one step closer to solving this murder mystery.

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