Oak Cliff wrestling gym helps teen lose weight and gain confidence

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DALLAS – Joe Michael Robledo steps into the Moya School of Wrestling in Oak Cliff four times a week after school.

“I feel motivated, like I’m doing something right, and it’s something that I just love to do,” said Robledo.

Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is what he says changed his life.

The 14-year-old started wrestling as a child, overweight and with low self esteem, but that changed about a year ago when he started training with Ruben Serna.

That’s when he says his focus shifted and his weight shed.

“It’s like a family, everybody is close to each other and everybody knows each other and we even spend time with each other outside the gym,” said Robledo.

Robledo started training at Moya School of Wrestling at 170 pounds, and a year later he’s down to 110.

This is also the year he started high school, a journey he says will include wrestling even after he graduates.

“It’s mostly to what I’m trying to build up for the rest of my life. Eventually I want to open up my own gym or something.” said Robledo.

Joe Michael Robledo is set to compete in a wrestling match later this month in Colorado.

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