NRA Speaks Out Against Open Carry Groups

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NRA Speaks Out Against Open Carry GroupsOpen carry supporters have had some high-profile incidents lately.

First, they were banned from medians in Arlington. Then banned from taking weapons into Chipotle. And most recently, a raffle with weapons and ammo as prizes may have violated Texas gambling laws.

Now they’re even losing support from the National Rifle Association.

That’s right, the NRA, the top dog among gun rights groups, is criticizing “open carry” groups in Texas.

NRA officials released a statement calling the rallies-quote- “downright weird” and “downright scary” for some people.

Yeah maybe surrounding cars at an intersection while carrying guns looks a little too much like a military checkpoint.

The NRA says those demonstrations might work against them. “Folks who might normally be be perfectly open-minded about firearms… question the motives of pro-gun advocates,” the statement said.

A lobbyist for the NRA said the statement was not the opinion of the organization as a whole, but the statement remained on the website as of late Tuesday.

Hey guys. You’ve got a *right* to your guns. But is swinging them around in public really the way to protect that right?

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