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ANNA — Although we finally know where Christina Morris is, her family is still left with more questions than answers. After Christina’s remains were found in a field in Anna on Wednesday, officials are still treating the area as an active crime scene. That’s because we still don’t know exactly how she got there and there could be more clues to figuring that out.

Next to the crime scene are flowers that Christina’s family and friends have brought. They’ve also shared their thoughts on Facebook after the remains were officially identified.

Christina’s dad also ended a long heartfelt post with a message for Enrique Arochi, the guy serving a life sentence for kidnapping Christina.

Arochi is serving his life sentence for kidnapping Christina but now that her body’s been found what’s next for him?

“I’m sure the prosecutors would’ve like to charge him with murder the first time around,” appellate lawyer Chad Ruback said.  “I’m confident that the Collin County District Attorney will be charging Enrique with murder.”

But, if Arochi’s charged with murder, it’s very unlikely he’ll be facing the death penalty. According to Texas laws, Arochi would have to be charged with a capital crime.

“There would need to be another kidnapping conviction for him to be convicted of capital murder. I don’t believe the death penalty will be very likely in this case,” Ruback explained.  “For Enrique, the DA can have a judge to have these two life sentence served consecutively.”

Although Arochi’s will probably spend the rest of his days behind bars, there are other families like Christina’s who are still spending their days searching for their loved ones.

Typhenie Johnson’s family has been searching for her since October of 2016. Lisa Stone disappeared from her Dallas home in 2010 and hasn’t been found either. There’s also Kathy Stobaugh who was last seen in Sanger 14 years ago.

One missing person case worth mentioning is Kelli Cox. She vanished from Denton in 1997 but 19 years later the suspect led cops to her body.

So, like Kelli or Christina’s case, it might take time but the truth eventually comes to light.