Now Hear This: Nearly Half of Teens Suffer From Hearing Loss

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DALLAS -- Emmalee Williams was like a lot of young folks. She loves music and loved to listen to it loud -- really loud.

“If I’m awake, I'm listening to music. It doesn’t really matter what I'm doing,” Williams said.

Yeah, turns out all of that loud music started to take its toll on this 18-year-old. In fact, when she was got to high school, her friends and family noticed it right away.

“You're asking us to repeat stuff. We think you should go in for a hearing test,” Williams said

And that's what she did. The results left her speechless.

“I was like -- What? No way, and I was like hearing loss is for old people, right?”

Not anymore. When it comes to teens diagnosed with hearing loss, a survey by the research group ReRez showed out of 500 teens studied, a whopping 46% had serious damage.

Dr. Michele Gillentine with Allen Hearing Clinic says all the music, games, and other ways teens plugin are leaving them hard of hearing.

Just turning down the music will go a long way. Another way to go is to get your kid fitted with these customized molds.

“There are custom molds you can get that have limiters in them and that definitely an option that's going to help protect,” Dr. Gillentine  said

Hey,  if you have to yell to be heard, it's probably too loud.

Williams agrees. “Yeah, you should not jam so hard because you're gonna windup like me!”

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