Nothing to See Here! Grobe Claims No Culture Problem at Baylor

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DALLAS — “That is not a culture at Baylor University. We don’t have a culture of bad behavior at Baylor University.”

Those were the words of new Baylor Head Football Coach Jim Grobe Tuesday at his first Big 12 Media Days appearance.

Three lawsuits filed by eight women who claim they were assaulted by Baylor athletes, a report saying there was a culture issue throughout Baylor’s football program, as well as the firing of former Head Coach Art Briles, and demotion of former Chancellor Ken Starr, seem to contradict the coach’s statement..

The spin machine was turned up to 10 at Big 12 Media Days as Baylor rolled out its new head coach. In his two months with the program, he says he hasn’t seen the behavior problems everyone’s associating with his Bears.

“We talk so much about changing the culture,” Grobe said from the Omni Hotel Ballroom podium. “That’s not the deal with these players at Baylor. The majority of our kids are great kids, I mean great kids.”

The scandal, though, appears to be scaring off some student athletes. The Bears’ bountiful den of talent has shrunk from 85 to 70 scholarship players for the upcoming season. As for the new coach, he chose to leave the Art Briles coaching staff intact and says it’s all up from here.

“Baylor University right now is better than ever because we’ve confronted some problems and made some changes in the way we deal with problems,” Grobe said.

Assuming he’s right, Baylor is a talented but thin group on the field. So who will sic ’em for the Bears in 2016?

Could it be Bruiser the mascot? At least he’s got a uniform.

We thought we saw another potential Bear in the hallway of the Omni, but that green and gold clad prototype turned out to be a mannequin.

Whoever saves the season, they’d better get to work because the cheerleaders were already practicing their trophy poses in front of the awards for the Big 12 and National Championships, and they aren’t about to be disappointed.

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