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HAMBURG, GERMANY- Ahhhh… The single-use coffee pod. The convenient break from the daily grind. Pop one of those babies into a brewing machine and voila, an instant cup of Joe! But, just because these pods are user-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean they’re eco-friendly.

Surprised? Well, that’s exactly why officials in Hamburg, Germany are banning them! According to reports from , if you lined up all the coffee pods sold, they would be enough to circle the globe 12 times and counting.

The report also notes the pods are made of a mix of plastic and aluminum and recycling plants can’t recycle them properly.The city of Hamburg claims it causes “unnecessary resource consumption and waste generation.” So, Hamburg is kicking these cups out of all government-owned buildings.

In a statement from Keurig, the company says although they do not sell their K-Cup pods in Germany, they’re goal is to make them 100% recyclable by 2020.

But, the Germans aren’t the only ones going green these days. If you ever take a trip to Oslo, Norway you’d be hard pressed to find an Uber-like lift. Late last year, officials there banned cars from downtown to reduce pollution.

Well, this got us thinking: Since Dallas’ efforts to ban plastic bags was trashed after about five months, what is something else we could ban to go green?

Well, whatever the solution may be, we need a game plan even if it starts with one coffee pod at a time!

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