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DALLAS — It seems like we wake up to another officer-involved shooting every day, and sure enough there was another one Wednesday morning in North Dallas .

DPD says a gas station employee at 75 and Midpark reported hearing gunfire as two men argued at the pumps. Those men were 18-year-old Sergio Ramos and Joseph Roling.

“Witness state that suspect Ramos and a male accomplice attempted to rob Roling,” said Major Jeff Cotner said.

Police say it ended with Ramos shooting and killing Roling.

Officer Jose Gamez, who had just finished his shift working off duty at a Walmart, crossed the parking lot to investigate what was going on.

While questioning Ramos, DPD says Officer Gamez noticed Ramos had a gun.

“Officer Gamez gave specific verbal commands to Ramos not to touch the fire arm. Ramos reached down, put his hand on the firearm. Officer Gamez fired his weapon multiple times,” Major Cotner said during a press conference.

Officer Gamez shot and killed Ramos, who was married with three young kids.

DPD is looking at surveillance video from the scene where this all went down.

This is the 16th officer involved shooting this year and the sixth one this month. Let’s hope for a silent night, tonight.