Not Again: Cowboys Joseph Randle Busted By Cops in Kansas

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WICHITA, KS — The last time we heard from Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, he was having a little chat with Frisco cops. He was caught on camera calling teammate Josh Brent’s drunk driving “stupid,” while he was being booked for stealing underwear and cologne from a store.

Hmmm…. Kettle? Kettle, is that you?  This is pot.

Yeah, it’s pot, all right.  But it’s the other kind of pot this time. Cops in Wichita, Kansas charged him with possession of marijuana early Tuesday morning.

They went to his hotel room on a domestic violence call.

Cops call it an arrest.

But Randle’s agent tweeted, “Joseph Randle was not arrested.  He was cited with a ticket and the police officer then left his hotel room.”

The agent also said there was zero violence of any kind, domestic or otherwise.  He says Randle was asking three people to exit his room who didn’t want to leave.

So far, the Cowboys aren’t saying anything about all of this.

Hey… when Randle got in trouble for stealing undies, he got an endorsement deal for an underwear company. What’s he gonna do this time? Be named ambassador to Colorado?

In Kansas, having a little pot is a misdemeanor, and Randle just got a notice to appear in court.  He didn’t have to go to jail..

That means no booking.  No video. And no chance to dig that hole any deeper.

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