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NORTH TEXAS — There wasn’t a Janet Jackson style wardrobe malfunction, but this year’s Super Bowl halftime show definitely created its own controversy.

There are two camps in this Beyonce battle. Some see a strong black woman with a message. Others see an anti-cop campaign.

Police forces across the country didn’t like what they saw on the field at Levi’s Stadium.

Thanks to the Black Panthers undertones of the berets, the black leather and the X formation (as in Malcolm X), police unions in Miami and Nashville have urged their officers not to work security at the sold out shows of Beyonce’s upcoming Formation Tour.

Some Police forces say they are also disgusted by what they see as anti-police images in the music video for the song.

All this has put police unions who haven’t announced a boycott in a position to address the issue, and now we have an official stance in North Texas.

When Queen Bey comes to AT&T Stadium in May, it’ll be business as usual.

After the Dallas Police Association said over the weekend that they won’t boycott the singer’s local tour stop, the Arlington Police Association announced plans to follow suit on Monday, issuing a statement saying they don’t condone what Beyonce did, but believe a diminished police presence means diminished safety.

The statement from APA President JP Mason reads:

“While we do not condone any celebrity contributing in any way to any type of perceived anti-police movement, we also have the realistic expectation that a diminished police presence at an event of this magnitude would only contribute to the diminished safety of the event attendees. When we sign up to work an event, we are there working for the overall safety of the event and the patrons NOT the celebrity. Simply put a formal boycott of working a concert would have zero effect on the concert giver, and more of an effect on the citizens in attendance, citizens that we have taken an oath to protect, regardless of whatever personal beliefs they may or may not have towards us.”

Boycott or no, it’s worth remembering most of the cops who do decide to work will be off duty, making a little cash on the side.