North Texas National Spelling Bee winners get free chicken and a summer break!

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DALLAS – What do you get if you kill it in the National Spelling Bee? In Texas, that means a year’s supply of fried chicken!

That’s why Golden Chick is making sure the top 3 finalists, all from North Texas, are eating well!

But, aside from honey mustard and the dictionary, what else are these geniuses into?

“I like to do Taekwondo, I like to play soccer, I like to read, and I like to do stand up comedy,” said Naysa Modi, who placed second.

First place winner Karthik Nemmani said, “I like to play tennis.”

And third place finalist Abhijay Kodali said, “I like reading books like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, and I watch basketball games.”

Unfortunately his favorite team is the Cavaliers. We’ll leave that one alone…

These kids have been hitting press events across the country since the finals, but now, they’re just ready to hang out for summer break!

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