North Texans Turn Up Strong During First Week of Early Voting

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NORTH TEXAS — Okay, we get it.

It’s not even November 8th and you’re probably already tired of seeing their mugs plastered all over your TV.

Oh, by the way — November 8th is Election Day in case you didn’t know; so, mark that day on your calendar.

Look, we’re not downplaying the importance of electing the future leader of our country; this is a huge responsibility.

But, c’mon…how much more of the finger-pointing, mudslinging, he said she said must we endure?

Ahhh…politics. Don’t you love election year?

Oh well, exercising your right to vote is a big deal, as we’ve established. So, raise of hands: how many of you have taken advantage of early voting?

“I voted yesterday it’s very important for me to vote and I did vote,” Alfreida James told NewsFix.

“I’d like to, but, unfortunately, I lost my ID,” Raul Rodriguez said. “But, I would definitely vote in the primaries. I think it’s really important. I think people should really consider who it is they’re going to vote whether you vote Democrat or Republican.”

Early voting started Tuesday, February 16th and both Dallas and Tarrant counties report a strong showing at the polls.

In Dallas County, as of 3p.m. Friday, a total of 21,690 voters cast ballots; 10,748 were Democrats; 10,942 Republicans.

In Tarrant County: 25,937 early votes; 8,230 Democrats; 17,707 Republicans.

Early voting ends February 26th. Or you can brave the lines on March 1st, otherwise known as Super Tuesday.

Remember, the primaries pick the Democratic and Republican candidates who’ll battle it out in November.

Oh, if you didn’t register to vote on February 1st, then you’ll have to sit out this primary. But you can always register to vote 30-days before the November election.

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