Norma’s Cafe celebrates Pi Day by splitting their piece of the pie with students

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DALLAS — It’s Pi Day, y’all!

Few take a day devoted to pie more seriously than Norma’s Cafe.

“We’ve actually been using the same recipe since we first started in 1956,” said Norma’s Marketing Director Katy Anderson. “If it’s been working for 61 years, why change it?”

But something did change on this Pi Day!

“We decided to turn this year’s Pi Day into a fundraiser for TAG Magnet, their Robotics team,” Anderson said.

That means a slice of all pie sales Tuesday went to the Talented and Gifted School‘s Robotics team. The common ingredient between the two? They’re both very good at what they do.

“When I was five, all I was worried about was coloring inside the lines,” Anderson laughed, talking about watching the TAG kids teach young kids in their spare time. “Seeing these kids have that love and have that passion, it makes any day that we can celebrate that, that much more meaningful for us.”

For the Cafe, their sky high reputation comes from their Mile High pie.

“Mile High just refers to the meringue that’s piled very, very high on top,” Anderson said.

They’re hoping to pile some cash nice and high for those students.

“Each store is making about triple the amount of pies we normally do, so we’re hoping to sell quite a few slices today so obviously we can cut a bigger check for that Robotics team,” Anderson said.

If you missed out? That’s okay! They have donation buckets out all month at all four Norma’s locations.

How about a piece for the kids?

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