No Joke: Amy Schumer Accused of Stealing Jokes

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NEW YORK — The star of the movie Trainwreck has been hit with an accusation strong enough to derail any comedian’s career. Amy Schumer is accused of stealing jokes.

Three other female comedians — Wendy Liebman, Kathleen Madigan,  and Tammy Pescatelli — have accused Schumer via Twitter of taking their jokes and using them on programs such as her show “Inside Amy Schumer,” stand-up specials and even the movie Trainwreck.

Pescatelli has since apologized for her accusations.

One example that was used was this joke from Madigan about Oprah in 2011, “Oprah, you’re a billionaire, you have enough money to pay a man to stand there and literally slap (bleep) out of your hand before you put it in your mouth.”

The joke is very similar to an “Inside Amy Schumer” sketch in 2013, ‘”Slap Chef, what’s that?”

“One of Slap Chef’s first class chefs makes you one of their signature dishes, then before you can say slap chef, they knock it out of your stupid mouth.”

Schumer has not only denied the accusations on Twitter…

But says she is willing to take a lie detector test to reveal the naked truth. She says she plans to air the unedited results on her show next season.

So, we’ll all be able to see if what’s inside Amy Schumer is the truth or a lie.

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