No, It’s Still Not Over: Green Party Candidate Expects to File for Recount

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MADISON, WI--When you heard Jill Stein was running for president as the Green Party candidate, you probably said to yourself, "Why bother? She won't make any difference."

Turns out, Stein's way just might change everything.

Okay, she still doesn't have any chance of winning but she's behind the push for recounts in swing states Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. In those states, computer scientists say something doesn't add up.

"We want a hand count," demonstrators chanted at a small rally in Milwaukee Wednesday night.

"Even Trump was saying the elections could be rigged! Let's find out," organizer Holly Mosher said.

The first obstacle for the Green candidate is the other kind of green. Wisconsin charges $1.1 million as a filing fee for the recount. Michigan charges 600 grand and Pennsylvania charges half a million. Her lawyers have told Wisconsin officials to expect a formal request by Friday's deadline.

Dr. Stein has already raised enough for that on her Nationbuilder page--it's like go fund me for politicians. Stein's also gotta pay for the cost of the recount itself and that could bring the total to six or seven mill.

Will it make a difference? Who knows?

Why does Stein care? Well, the Green Party gets a lot of grief for supposedly taking votes from Democrats. Maybe this is her way of giving Hillary another shot!

Then there was this, from back in August:

"I will have trouble sleeping at night if Donald Trump is elected," Stein said in an interview with CNN.

Or maybe it's her way of getting her name in the news. After all, the 2020 election's only 1,439 days away (as of Thanksgiving Day).

Hey, Donald Trump already said Melania and Barron were gonna stay put in the Trump Tower for a while instead of moving to the White House.

Depending on how the recount goes, maybe The Donald will get to stay with 'em.

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