No Football at Allen Stadium This Year

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Cracks Force New $60 Million Stadium to Close for 2014 Football Season(ALLEN, Texas)  Allen ISD’s $60 million football stadium is officially closed! That`s right –no fans, no touchdowns, no Friday night lights next season.

The stadium has been plagued with problems; cracks in the concrete finally forced school officials to call off the upcoming home football schedule.

“It`s a safety issue and it`s a decision we made so that we can move forward on a fix that provides this community with what they paid for and what they approved,” Allen ISD Superintendent Lance Hindt said.


The unexpected shutdown has turned the defending two-time state champions into road warriors for 2014! Remember the New Orleans Saints after Katrina? Well, the Allen Eagles will follow a similar path, playing their ‘home’ games at nearby Plano stadiums.

“We`re very fortunate to have our friendly rivals to the south, Plano, that stepped up to the plate and said that they could help us out with this,” Hindt said.

“’We`re gonna miss [the stadium], but we`re gonna have a great time when we get back in here and we have the facility that we paid for.”

The question remains —  who will pay for the repairs? The cost is an estimated $2 million. Allen ISD is adamant the construction companies will cover the costs, and city residents shouldn’t pay another dime.

Even still, shutting down the Titanic of stadiums, has some people upset with how much money was initially invested.

“It should`ve gone to kids a poorer districts,” Arturo Lopez said. Lopez is a local college student at Collin County Community College.

“Might`ve gone to something else, help education more, not to build a football stadium.”

Hey, could be worse. A sinkhole swallowed up part of the end zone at Austin Peay University`s stadium yesterday. So count your blessings… I guess.


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