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ARLINGTON, TX — NFL Draft week is here, and Charlotte Jones Anderson kicked it off out at AT&T Stadium, with her eyes on some record crowds.

“We’re in Texas so everything needs to be bigger and everything needs to be better,” the Cowboys executive VP said. “And that includes the setup and hopefully the crowd and the people.”

Well, between the Fan Experience and the draft stage, they’re well on their way to shattering every old mark.

“This footprint that’s being built out around you here is the largest we’ve ever done,” Peter O’Reilly, the NFL’s VP of Events said. “And then behind me in this stadium, this intimate 20,000 seat theater that’s coming to life is far and away the largest draft theater that the NFL has ever created.”

Of course last year Philadelphia hosted the draft to rave reviews, so there’s a bit of incentive for the Cowboys to beat their division rivals on the draft stage.

“We always like to top our competitors and hopefully this weekend will prove to do that,” Jones Anderson told reporters.

But beyond this weekend the Draft is aiming to have a long term impact on the region. Today the NFL helped plant over two dozen trees in Arlington at Brantley Hinshaw Park, right by Atherton Elementary.

“The students are our future, and as we plant these trees today, they will bring their children and possibly their grandchildren to see these trees,” Janette Monear, the President and CEO of the Texas Trees Foundation, said.

And now everyone will have a great timestamp of when the draft was, and we’ll see how tall these trees are by the time the Cowboys win their next Super Bowl!