NFL Baller Finds Chicken Head in His Wings — Gross

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GREEN BAY, WI — Could you imagine getting ready to devour your mouthwatering lemon pepper chicken wings when you come across this?!

TMZ likens it to a scene straight out of the movie “Se7en” when Brad Pitt opened that box with a decapitated head in it.

This time, it’s real-life horror for Green Bay Packers tight end Jared Cook. He tweeted a pic of the chicken after getting takeout at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Green Bay.

“Started eating the first wing. I was putting the bone back in the box and saw the chicken head and immediately spit my food out,” Cook said.

That’s just gross, y’all!

Think he gave BWW a piece of his mind?

“Heck yeah,” he said. “They were like, ‘Uhhhh we’re sorry. Typically this does happen, but that just means your food is fresh.’ Ooookay, that doesn’t make it better.”

Uhh, you gotta come up with a better explanation than that! The company did release a statement that reads:

“Buffalo Wild Wings takes food preparation, service and quality extremely seriously and we are looking into this situation. We’ve reached out to Jared Cook and our suppliers for more information.”

Jared says forget that! He may become a vegetarian. Ha. Can you blame him?!

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