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FRISCO, TX — Nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned lemonade stand but this isn’t your average setup!

Sunday out in Frisco, kids of Newman Village hosted the Seventh Annual Lemonade Stand Fundraiser.

“We just didn’t know what else we could do one day so we were just like, ‘how can we give back to the community,’” said Morgan Patterson, who founded the Lemonade Stand Fundraiser with his brother, Maddox. “We came up with this idea, and it started out really small and it’s started to grow bigger and bigger every year.”

“It’s just escalated every year,” Maddox said. “Last year we raised a little over $20,000.”

This year all the proceeds went to the Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Foundation. The foundation is in the memory of Jonny Wade, who passed away in December of 2015 at the age of eight, from a brain tumor.

One of his final wishes was that no other kid would ever have cancer.

“For the year that he was sick we prayed for this miracle to heal him,” said his father, Jon Wade. “And then it was later that it dawned on us that what he went through was the miracle, this is the miracle. And so I can’t explain it and I can’t tell you how much it means to me, but it’s really an amazing thing.

Even though Jonny lived up in Illinois, his story inspired the kids here in Frisco to make their fundraiser all about him and to fight to achieve Jonny’s wish that no other kid has to face cancer.

And if you didn’t get a chance to grab a glass of lemonade yourself, you can always donate at, and do your part to fight back against childhood cancer.