New Viral Trend-The Deodorant Challenge. What’s it all about?

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SOMERSET, ENGLAND--Another foolish trend is taking over social media. It's called "The Deodorant Challenge."

So what is the new challenge all about?

Well, it consists of children and teens spraying aerosol deodorant on each other and holding it until the person being sprayed can no longer tolerate the pain. This deodorant challenge has parents worried. One mom from England posted on Facebook after the challenge left her daughter with second-degree burns on her arm.

"For any parents who have children, please, please sit them down and show them these pictures,' Jamie Prescott wrote. "These are the damaging results of something known as `The Deodorant Challenge.'"

But this is not the first time challenge to come about in this social media day in age. Some are harmless like the mannequin challenge. Others are downright dangerous

"Children are seeing something happen by a celebrity or someone who got a million likes for it or a million followers for it and they want that attention," said Dr. Macie Biegel, a behavioral specialist.

So what can parents do to prevent these situations?

"They need to be talking to their kids about it on an ongoing basis. Social media is not a one-time conversation."

Unfortunately, social media and these "viral challenges" don't seem to be going anywhere. But teaching kids the difference between some sort of harmless dare and a far more risky one may just make all the difference in the world.



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