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DALLAS (KDAF) — What if ‘Dr. Pimple Popper’ worked with dogs? You don’t have to wonder much longer, with the premiere of ‘Pop Goes The Vet with Dr. Joya’ on Jan. 1.

Meet Dr. Joya Griffin, a veterinary dermatologist that has encountered bizarre and common dermatology cases in the animal world.

In this new show, coming to National Geographic, Dr. Joya Griffin sees it all – from impacted earwax to oozing cysts to massive hair loss, as she investigates the animal’s largest organ, the skin.

Dr. Joya Griffin is one of only a handful of black animal dermatologists in the nation.

According to her, while growing up in Ohio, her childhood dog suffered from a severe skin allergy and was the stinkiest, saddest pet in the neighborhood. As a young veterinary student at Cornell University, she discovered that she could heal her pet, and others like it, with dermatology.

Dr. Joya joined our show to talk more about the show and what viewers can expect.