New Pic of Ben Affleck as Batman

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SAN DIEGO – The new Caped Crusader is here. Check out the teaser photo of Ben Affleck as Batman.

ben affleck as batman
“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” / Warner Bros.

It was released at the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday to celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary.

Ben Affleck is facing harsh criticism from fans who  doubt his ability to step into the role. But all you “haters” can calm down. He’s getting a stamp of approval from none other than the original TV Batman.

Adam West told People magazine he has faith in Affleck’s ability to carry the role  in the highly anticipated movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

“My feeling is that Ben Affleck will be really good simply because he’s a great talent,” West said. “And I’d be very interested in seeing him in the role.”

Let’s hope he’s right. Or Ben could ending playing a real-life Joker.

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