New Mutant Lice in Texas Resistant to Treatments

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DALLAS — Lots of parents are glad to see kids go back to school. But when kids spend too much time, too close together, that can mean one thing — lice. They’re itchy and they spread from head to head without the kids even realizing what’s happening.

But now they’re not all just lice. Some are mutant lice that over-the-counter shampoo won’t kill. The mutant lice have turned up in Texas and at least 29 other states.

So what do you do?

“If you find lice, try the over the counter medications first,” said Connie Lin, a nurse practitioner at Children’s Health Pediatric Group. “If those don’t work, call your health care provider.”

That’ll mean a prescription for a stronger medicine. And with either medicine, it means a little work.

“The key really is your technique, making sure that you’re getting rid of each egg or nit,” Lin said. “Making sure they’re all out of the hair.”

With a little work and a lot of patience, you’ll soon be rid of those mutant bugs.

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